Space Funk Guitars Sample Pack WAV

By | December 31, 2020

Space Funk Guitars WAV

Space Funk Guitars Sample Pack WAV

Space Funk Guitars is high quality funk style guitars galore! Inside you will find guitars perfectly suited for NuDisco, Funk, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, House Music, and so much more! Alongside loops of all different styles and approaches of Funk Guitars, you will also find full mix stems, which combine all elements together for whole song sections. This will give you the utmost control and creative flow to make that next Funky hit!

The ‘styles section’ is what makes this pack different than the rest out there. Funk is just funk, right? Not always! Here you will find the different styles of Funk, influenced with Afrobeat, Dream Funk and Organic Funk… this allows you to choose which style best fits that funky flavor flare you are looking for. Much like the full mix stems, inside each of the style categorized folders are Ensembles (when they are mixed together as layers) and the isolated guitar lines. Once again, you have so much control you wont know what hit ya’!

So time to hop in your funky fueled rocket and blast to the stars! Space Funk Guitars has arrived!

Pack Contents

400 Total Sounds
42 Full Mix
30 Afrobeat Ensemble Loops
97 Afrobeat Guitar Loops
30 Dream Funk Ensemble Loops
98 Dream Funk Guitar Loops
24 Organic Ensemble Loops
79 Organic Guitar Loops


Demo Preview:

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