SM Jazz Hop 2 WAV MIDI

By | February 3, 2021

SM Jazz Hop 2 WAV MIDI

SM Jazz Hop 2 WAV MIDI

Ragtime inspired melodics, gritty bedroom beats and dusty sound design – Jazz Hop 2 returns with a quintessential collection packed with hundreds of expertly recorded and processed loops, and one-shots. This deep and emotive collection delivers a treasure trove of lush guitars, pianos, aged woodwinds, vintage brass, timeless compositions and dusty drum beats. Take a dip into a vintage archive of masterfully crafted and curated sounds highlighting the best of blues, chillout, hip-hop and beyond.

Jazz Hop 2 pulls out all the stops by recording a vast collection of instrumentation such as flute, saxophone, clarinet, double bass, brush drums and guitar. The highlight of the collection comes from cutting every sound to an Ampex tube reel-to-reel tape machine followed by pressing it all to vinyl, recreating an antiquated and rustic sound that captures the sound and vibe of our favourite Jazz records.


SM is one of the world’s leading providers of pro-audio loops and samples. From the pumping rhythms of house and techno to the immersive soundscapes of dubstep, downtempo and cinematic, this catalog puts the world of electronic music at your fingertips.


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