How to support freshstuff4u / freshstuff4you

If you want to show some love & help our site you can do this by some ways. We will gladly accept your support.

I know for a fact that Freshstuff is helping many music producers around the world to express their souls through music & sometimes even achieve their dreams. The site team is constantly hard working & trying to make this site as useful to you as possible. We want to make this world a little better for you.

If you have the possibility & want to help us more to keep doing what we do & improve our service, we will gladly accept your support.

You can support freshstuf4u / freshstuff4you in 2 ways:

  1. By donating money via PayPal
  2. You can supply us with purchased digital goods, sample packs that you bought or got from a friend, & that haven’t been shared anywhere else, which we will then release to other visitors

Thank you sincerely, FreshStuff TEAM.