Cursos online Curso de Ecualización TUTORIAL

By | August 11, 2022

Cursos online Curso de Ecualización TUTORIAL

Cursos online Curso de Ecualización TUTORIAL

It understands equalization 100% and achieves cleaner, more powerful and defined mixes.

  •  Bring out your lead vocals and add contrast to backing vocals
  •  Correct recording errors
  •  Get cleaner, sharper and more powerful mixes
  •  Master all types of equalizers and learn to get the most out of them
  •  Power up your percussions
  •  Add thickness to your bass lines

Module 1 Fundamentals and techniques of Equalization:

  •  Frequencies and their sound
  •  Equalization functions
  •  Types of EQs
  •  Types of filters
  •  clean EQs vs. emulation EQs
  •  Additive and musical EQ
  •  Subtractive and surgical EQ
  •  Complementary EQ

Module 2 Advanced Equalization Techniques:

  •  Parallel EQ
  •  Relative EQ
  •  Corrective EQ
  •  Sweeping technique
  •  Linear phase EQs
  •  Dynamic EQ
  •  M/S EQ
  •  Automated EQ

Module 3 Practical equalization in mix:

  •  Lead Vocals
  •  Choirs
  •  Saturated guitars
  •  clean guitars
  •  Cash register
  •  Bass drum
  •  Timpani
  •  Hi-Hat, cymbals and percussion
  •  Percussion
  •  Bass
  •  Fx…

Master the EQ:

  • 35 video-lessons + PDFs
  • Milhercios® sound school accrediting diploma
  • Support to raise your doubts in any lesson
  • At your own pace, you can view the course at the time that best suits you
  •  Lifetime access to the course content, the online campus and the private community of Milhercios

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