Audio for Voice Actors TUTORIAL

By | November 30, 2022

Audio for Voice Actors TUTORIAL

Audio for Voice Actors TUTORIAL

This class will cover everything you need to know to get started with audio for a voice actor. We’ll discuss what equipment you need to start recording your own voice acting projects, such as microphones, headphones, mixing software, and more. You’ll learn how to work with different types of microphone, including condenser, dynamic, ribbon, shotgun, and others. We’ll discuss the importance of having a good quality mic and headphone system, and why it’s important to have both.

We’ll also go over basic concepts like compression, EQ, and panning. If you’re new or old to voice acting, we’ll talk about the basics of how to audition, and how to prepare yourself for auditions.

These are the subjects we will go over. Pretty simple and they will build on each other to the final lesson on how it all comes together. I promise, no math on anything that deals with the physics of audio.


  • Lecture 1 – Introduction
  • Lecture 2 – What is Audio?
  • Lesson 3 – Microphones!
  • Lecture 4 – Cables, cables, cables!
  • Lecture 5 – What is a channel strip?
  • Lecture 6 – Effects
  • Lecture 7 – Do I NEED an interface?
  • Lecture 8 – What is a DAW?
  • Lecture 9 – Vocal Booths/Sound Proofing
  • Lecture 10 – How does a remote session work?
  • Lecture 11 – Connecting it all together!

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